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director: lucy izzard

camera: c300 with cooke panchros lenses

a woman, her friends and family talk about the break up of her relationship and the unusual pastime the couple shared.

camera: arri alexa with arri ultra prime lenses

directors: richard penfold & sam hearn

credit: camera operator for selected scenes featured below 

the boarding school bomber starring adam deacon (adulthood, kidulthood) tells the true story of how and why a public schoolboy became a would be suicide bomber.

an obsessive editor looks for a girl he's never met with murder in mind, a tricky scene to shoot and a creative test using 4 x 800 w tungsten lights. the director wanted a dark & moody look,  

similar to the club scene in black swan. dop credit for club scene, refer to stills below for reference. currently in post-production.       

director: micheal marchlewski


nightclub scene dop: bashart malik 


camera: arri sr3 - super 16mm fuji stock with zeiss super speed prime lenses

title: 'rushes' trailer

title: 'boarding school bomber' starring adam deacon (kidulthood, adulthood)

dop: richard stewart 


title: 'the other half'

production company: omni productions

production company:  laura and lucy fillm

title: 'boarding school bomber' bbc trailer

directors: richard penfold & sam hearn

production company: omni productions

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